More prints coming soon

I’ve been wanting to create prints of my artwork for a few years now. In 2018, the wonderful crowd at the Whittier Antique Show kindly voiced their desire to obtain prints of my work, so I set out on a process to find the best manner to make it happen. After quite a bit of work, I finally produced prints of nine of my original paintings that just became available for the first time at the Santa Fe Springs Art Festival last Friday. I’ve also made the remaining prints available for purchase here on my website. Yay!

The better news, while working on those first prints, I also started prepping some other images as well. Keep an eye on my page here, on my Facebook page, and feel free to sign up for my “newsletters”. I won’t be sending out a ton of nonsense emails, bombarding you with useless information, and most importantly I will keep your information private and not share it with anyone! What I will do, is send you a quick email anytime that I’m appearing at or have artwork in a live event, and I will also let you know whenever there is new artwork available.

Stay tuned!

Nicole Aguilar-Copp